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Jim Brandt

Jim Brandt:

I discovered my life’s passion in Junior High School, when two worlds collided – the love I had for Art, and in 9th grade, the wonderful world of Fine Woodworking. I’ve been designing and building studio furniture and doors since I opened my first shop in 1975, and I’ve never looked back!

The most rewarding part of what I do is being part of so many great architectural projects. Architecture commands our attention more than any other art form. You can’t live in a painting – no matter how well executed. The creation of great architecture is a collaborative process where you engage with other talented people and owners, to make their vision a reality. With doors, it is even more enjoyable because of how they can be such a personal expression of the space; one of the few architectural items we come into direct physical contact with. Our interaction with the mass, the texture, the beauty is all literally at our fingertips.

If you are intrigued by this process of creating completely unique doors or an entry, for your project, contact me for a dedicated appointment at our showroom in Colorado Springs.

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Lisa Brandt

Lisa Brandt:

My passions have always been art, design, and architecture. I graduated from The Cleveland Institute of Art and Thiel College with a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree and worked as an artist and an Interior Designer for 10 years. My love of children led me to teaching, and I earned 2 Masters of Arts in Teaching degrees from Colorado College in preparation for that career. Teaching was very fulfilling because everyday I was using my creativity to help students experience joy in learning.

I recently retired from teaching and am enjoying working with Jim in our family business. When I met Jim, I was drawn to his artistic talents and his ability to envision, create and build beautiful pieces of furniture. It has been a pleasure recreating our 1904 house and filling it with Jim’s woodworking and furniture.

Together we want to provide our clients with a wonderful experience during the design and construction of their projects, and we also hope to inspire them to live and work more connected to their surroundings.

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